Product List:

Oral B Products          

Stages toothbrushes                      

Stages toothpaste               

Satin Tape                


Electric toothbrush head pack of 4                      

Electric toothbrush head pack of 2          

Electric toothbrush refills – kids 2 pack

Oral-B Vitality           

Professional Care 500 Electric toothbrush                    

Triumph 5000 Electric toothbrush                       

Manual toothbrush             


Curaden Products                

CS5460 Ultra soft toothbrush                   

CS3960 Super soft toothbrush                

Interprox Handle and brushes assorted colours Teal, Pink, Yellow, red, green                             

Interprox brushes Implant assorted sizes                       

Chlorhex Gel ADS 350      

Chlorhex toothpaste .05% and .12%  (prescribed only please check with us prior to purchase) 

Chlorhex Rinse 205 & 220(prescribed only please check with us prior to purchase)       

Tongue Cleaners                

Travel Kit case and holder            


GC Products               

Tooth Mousse Plus            

Dry Mouth Gel

Chewing gum



Sensodyne toothbrushes              

Neutrafluor 5000 toothpaste                     

Clinpro Tooth Crème                      

Caredent Eeziflossers – Blue and Orange


GUM – Eez thru

Oral Balance

Zoom Day White

Zoom Nite White     

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