Preventative Dental Care isn’t just good for long term teeth health. It’s good for your savings too.

You see, just like the name says, Preventative Care is about protecting your teeth from those conditions and issues that arise from neglect.

Here at Hart Dental, we offer a number of Preventative Dental Care options:

Oral Health Assessment

At Hart Dental, we believe in a holistic approach. Accordingly, with our Oral Health Assessment, focuses on more than your oral health. During this session, we will assess your medical history, conditions and medications that can affect your dental health.

Oral Hygiene and Dental cleans

These procedures are performed by our experienced hygienists to keep your gums healthy and treat periodontal disease. During this session, we will give your teeth a gentle overall clean, as well as deeper cleaning where needed to help restore optimal gingival health.

The hygienists at Hart Dental work in collaboration with Periodontists to maintain your periodontal health in between specialist visits, or following periodontal treatment.

Our oral hygiene protocols recommend a visit to our clinic for a “checkup and clean” every 6 – 12 months for patients with good oral health. If you are someone considered higher risk or experiencing Periodontal conditions, we recommend more frequent visits.

Diagnostic X-rays

Hart Dental can organize Intraoral and Panoramic (Extraoral Imaging) as needed to confirm general teeth health or to diagnose decay, infections and any other problems or conditions.

Diet and Oral Hygiene Assessment and Advice

With our assessment and advice programs, we provide a range of healthy habits and routines to improve your oral health at home. This includes choosing the right oral hygiene products, teaching you techniques and dietary advice.

Fluoride Treatments

Our Fluoride Treatments use Fluoride Varnishes or Calcium based re-mineralizing gels to stop early soft spots from degenerating into decays. This session also includes a risk assessment.

Sports Guards / Mouth Guards

Hart Dental offers a wide range of Sports Mouthguards that will protect your mouth from serious sports injuries such as a broken jaw, fractured, cracked or knocked-out teeth as well as and cut lips and tongues. All our guards are custom made to suit your bite and professionally fitted to ensure maximum protection of the tissues.

Made from durable material, they work by absorbing and spreading the impact of a damaging blow across a larger area. We recommend wearing guards for all non-contact sports like soccer, cricket, and netball and particularly for contact sports such as rugby, AFL and boxing.

Night Guards

These are protective, custom-made dental devices that cover your teeth and protect them from damage or ‘grinding’. They are worn when you are sleeping or doing day-time activities and play a role in the treatment of conditions called Bruxism and TMD (Temporo-Mandibular Disorder).

We have a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing and treating these conditions. We protect teeth by issuing you a night guard (occlusal splint) and use muscle relaxant injections to relieve the pain from overused hypertrophic muscles. We also work closely with our recommended physiotherapists and specialists when structural damage requires specialized splints or surgical care.

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